Fantastic Day Trading Alerts Performance in March 2019

March 2019 was mostly a good month in the markets.  It was just great in terms of performance of day trading alerts provided by! Large-cap domestic stocks (S&P 500 Index) and bonds (Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Index) saw the highest returns, up 1.94% and 1.92% respectively. Global stocks nearly erasing losses incurred in Q4. However, gains in March accumulated at a slower pace than either January or February and were more concentrated. Bonds continued to impress, as investors drove yields lower in the wake of the Fed confirming further rate hikes are expected to be on ice for the remainder of the year.

The rapid Q4 correction and 2019 recovery whipsawed many investors who reacted emotionally. After an extraordinary lack of volatility in 2017, recent choppiness is a good reminder that markets don’t go in a straight line and strong up and down moves should both be expected and planned for. Those with a strategic plan were able to benefit from tax management and rebalancing and we believe remain by far most likely to emerge from full market cycles successfully.

Day Trading Alerts generated by our AI-powered system could definitely help you to out perform the market in March 2019! See the summary charts below.

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