Performance of day trading alerts in March 2016.

Using day trading alerts was very profitable in March. While S&P 500 was about 6.6% up, I was able to make more than 11%.

During past months, I’ve been asked several times to provide more guidance on how to use day trading alerts in the best way. Today I want to share the approach that brings consistent positive results. I don’t want to say this is the best practice. This a strategy that works for me so far.

Here are the rules I follow:

  • Do not enter the trades before 10AM or after 2PM.
  • Never leave a position open overnight.
  • If the prices goes up by 0.4% or down by 0.6% – sell

Here is the list of hypothetical trades in March with starting capital of $50,000. This table shows how much you could earn if you took each trade recommended by Stocks Buy Alerts.  I’m sorry to post here a 172 line spreadsheet, but I think it’s a good way to show how the day trading alerts work and how you can apply them for your benefit. Scroll down to see the result!

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